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The organization’s tenacity and focus on making “Calibration of Measuring instruments” its first priority has lead to the expansion from a single solution to a total solution in the field of Metrology. With many years of demonstrated experience, contacts and association especially in the field of instruments calibration, we had to also face a high demand from the industry especially from our existing customers for supply of various measuring equipment with Calibration certificate. This has resulted the birth of Jansal’s Trading Division, named Prudent Calibration and Instrumentation Trading LLC with its registered office at ICAD 1, Abu Dhabi.

With our consistent growth, today we can arrange products like measuring & Controlling Equipment, Precise Electronic Devices, Environment Protection Equipment, Spare Parts required for Oil & Gas sector etc. with a vast and varied product range.


  • Complete range of supplying quality instruments in Pressure, Electrical, Electronics, Temperature, Humidity, Dimensional, Mass, Force, Gas Detectors Environment Protection, Data logging Solution etc.
  • Complete solution i.e. Supply, Calibration, Testing, Maintenance & Repairs for all kind of measuring equipments.
  • IoT solution for any devices, vehicles, buildings and other items—embedded with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

Name a difficult product and we can bring it to you with our experienced sourcing team across USA, UK, Europe, and India. We value our clients and believe in giving our best by actions than words.


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