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Temperature Mapping and Validation

The purpose of temperature (or thermal) mapping is to ensure that all areas of the process equipment or storage area achieve the required temperature. The outcome of the temperature map is to understand the temperature distribution in a storage area, and to define hot or cold spots of the process equipment or storage area. This takes into account the temperature and density of humidity of warehouses for the storage of environmentally sensitive products.

How temperature mapping can be performed?

JANSAL performs the following process for temperature mapping
  • Create a Validation Plan
  • Determine What Areas Will be Monitored and Identify Areas of Risk
  • Create the Detailed Protocol
  • Select the Appropriate Equipment
  • Set Up the Data Loggers throughout the area
  • Conduct a Test and Review the Results
  • Initiate the Mapping Study Schedule
  • Facilitate system for daily monitoring of critical areas as per the study
  • Facilitate 24*7 alarm systems to get notified if temperature exceeds the limit

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