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Freezer and Refrigerator Validation

Validation is the overall term used for establishing documented evidence through defined testing that a system or piece of equipment meets designed criteria and that adequate provision have been established to keep it controlled. Qualification procedures are determined by written protocol and testing of the equipment.

We conduct the following tests
1.Cool down Verification

To determine, how long the freezer or refrigerator takes to achieve the set temperature.

2.Temperature distribution in empty and loaded conditions

The distribution of the temperature in entire storage area may vary according to the quantity of the goods filled. To determine how the load effects the distribution of the temperature this test is performed.

3.Door opening test

The refrigerator or freezer door may keep opened while taking the medicines out or keeping it inside. Once the door is opened, the atmospheric hot air may start flowing inside. Door opening test is conducting to determine how long the door can be kept opened without exceeding the limited temperature range.

4.Power failure test

Power failure test is also known as hold over time test. To determine how long the unit can hold the specified temperature range after the unit power is off.